Students in the 6th, 7th and 8th grades become ‘smart’ investors taking Stocks in the Future.  They gain business learn how business work; open their own online stock portfolios; discuss economic conditions with adults; make choices through the years on companies worth investing in; and get rewards after graduating from high school.


Welcome back! Stocks in the Future wants to welcome all returning and new students. We look forward to an exciting and successful year together!

SIF student testing will take place during the week of September 19th and SIF classes to begin the first week in October.

Ready? Set? Learn!


Weekly Stocks in the Future classes teach students how businesses function, ways to make them grow, why some companies decide to ‘go public’, and how to compare one publicly traded company to the next. By coming to school regularly and improving grades, they earn up to $80 a year and choose to invest in 10 companies. And after graduating from high school, stocks get transferred to their names.

This is not a ‘pretend’ game. This weekly program introduces business fundamentals linked to monetary gains. Students are THE ONLY ONES IN THE COUNTRY getting these short and long-term advantages as part of middle school, and they are the lucky ones gaining financial life skills and control over their earnings based on school performance.  

As one 6th grader from Washington Jesuit Academy said, "I'm learning lots of valuable information that will surely help me succeed later in life. We're learning about real-world things and situations. I'm learning reading, math, and basic life skills that many people don't have. That's why it's an honor to partake in this well-thought-out program."



The quantities of an item that producers are willing and able to make available for sale at various prices over a given time period.