For high school graduates and those 18 years old, contact us to redeem your stock. Send SIF an email advising of your ‘official’ status. You will then submit a copy of your graduation certificate and a copy of your birth certificate. When you establish your own on-line investment account, the stocks you earned under this program will be transferred to your own account. You will become official investors!!

Remember to update your address so yearly financial statements will arrive.

When you graduate from high school and turn 18, contact our office so that your investments can be transferred into your name.

On to High School

Advancing to high school enable Stocks in the Future students to continue tracking their investments that materialize as a result of their investment in school.  Middle school purchases reflect students’ earnings realized by improved grades and attendance ($80 potential each year). While earning, they studied business operations and expansion, economic influences and market trends. They also learned key factors in comparing one company’s performance to the next.


Students in high school have the option to retain their stock purchases or trade periodically. When graduating from high school and turning eighteen, they open their own online portfolios accounts and their holdings are officially transferred to their names. They are then official stockholders!