Eleven, twelve, and thirteen year old youngsters can absorb FINANCIAL LIFE SKILLS with your help. They become wise investors – in school and beyond - with enhanced academic skills, introductory business vocabulary, and insight into stock market trends. YOU ARE THEIR CRITICAL POWER FORCE.

Student Investor:

Underwrite the purchase of the "Growing Money" text book for all 25 students that integrates and reinforces the sixth grade curriculum. And it is a 'take-home present' at year's end.


Financial Parton:

Reward the winning class for a one-month's best attendance competition among all 21 competitors. Your 'present' enables a special off-campus trip to a financially related destination, bus transportation, and souvenirs.


Class Investor:

Guarantee that school supplies for are plentiful for a class of 25 students that include text books, workbooks, $80 earning potential for each student and teacher training sessions.


Broker of Success:

Incentivize 30 students at ten schools to each earn $80 through steady school attendance and improved grades. Their earnings enable the purchase of publicly traded stocks redeemable at highschool graduation.



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